Canopy Formation

The Canopy Formation (CF) competition consists of three events - 2-way Sequential, 4-way Sequential and 4-way Rotation.  In the 2-way and 4-way Sequential events, competitors have to fly their canopies, performing a repeatable sequence, which is randomly drawn from a dive pool.  In the 4-way Rotation event, competitors fly their canopies into a 4-way plane/stack. Rotations must be made by the top competitor in the complete formation dropping grips, flying to the bottom of the formation and again completing a 4-way plane/stack formation.

For FAI World Championships, the US Parachute Team can send the following number of competitors:
2 2-way Sequential Teams (up to 8 competitors)
2 4-way Sequential Teams (up to 12 competitors)
2 4-way Rotation Teams (up to 12 competitors)